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Custom Cabinet Doors:
  • Conestoga Wood Products
    Our trusted choice for solid wood doors in a variety of construction options and wood specie. Typically purchased raw and finished with all other parts of your kitchen, finish offerings from Conestoga are available as well.
  • ThermoForm
    For more than two decades, we have been offering customerís thermoplastic (PVC) exterior finished doors to our customers. ThermoForm is our standard supplier of for PVC custom doors, due to the wide selection of finishes, design options and 10-year product warranty (see site for details).

Specialty Wood Veneers:

  • Tabu by Materials, Inc.
    An imported veneer product of Italy, featuring numerous dyed veneer and iridescent finish options.
  • Tree Frog by Chemetal
    Providing 49 real wood veneer choices, designed for commercial interiors and flat panel exterior applications in kitchens or bathrooms.

Laminate Brands:

Hardware & Accessory Vendors:


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